Sunday , 31 August 2014

New Apple Products in 2013

Apple is going to launch five new products in 2013 including the first TV of the company. Major
updates are expected to all the Apple lines now.

In the year 2013 Apple is planning something big as they have expressed their intention to launch five
new products. Experts in the industry are predicting major updates to all the Apple products now. Apple
is also planning a new TV iPad Mini with retina screen and the changes are likely to be made in the iOS
software as well.

Spread Over the Year
Of course all these will not come back to back. Instead Apple has planned to launch them well spread
over the years. Some of the products are highly anticipated like the iPad Mini TV sets. According to
some of the leading Analysts like Gene Munster and Douglas Clinton, Apple is going to launch a host of
products in its bid to maintain its position as the world’s top company offering smart phone and other such
electronic products.

Ushering Change in Era
Also according to the analysts such launching of products could well usher in a new era in the domain of
Apple. It could also be the marking of changes that are likely to come in the year 2014 in respect of the
Apple products and the company as a whole.

Process Started Long Back
It is not something of a sudden impulse on the part of Apple and the process of bringing up new products
had started long back. With the competition in the market growing fierce, especially from Samsung and
other rival giants, Apple had to think of something innovative and unique to retain its number one position
in the market. In result the designers and developers were deployed round the clock and over the years
to produce things that will generate great results in the market.

Designing Through Prototypes
However with the past experience of some of its flagship products not doing so well in the market, Apple
was cautious enough to ensure that the new products that they are going to launch should be unique and
attract the ultimate buyers. Therefore they took up the process of creating hundreds of prototypes of the
main products they were going to launch and designed to reach the ultimate perfection through trial and
error methods.

Not Forgetting the Traditional
In its bid to bring out novel and unique products Apple is not also forgetting the traditional products. That
is why they are likely to bring up an iPad radio for the buyers as well. It is likely to deliver music and
podcasts to the clients through iTunes.

Products Following Each Other
The iPad radio is likely to be followed by the new iPad mini that has a higher resolution display. With a
new operating system version that will be named iOS7, Apple is expecting to woo the customers to their
products in a winning manner. Highlight of the new product will be higher resolution display and iOS7 is
scheduled to be released in June 2013 in the annual worldwide developer’s conference or WWDC to be
held in San Francisco.

Web Claims on Future
On some websites, pictures were floated claiming them to be the internal features of the new iPhone5S of
Apple. Whether it is authentic news or more a work of imagination cannot be said offhand but it provides
an insight into the things that are likely to appear in near future.

The iPhoneS5

One of the surprises for the buyers and customers all over the world in the New Year 2013 could be a
new iPhoneS5 with tons of new and interesting features. It is also one of the highly rumored products in
the market and is likely to be announced in WWDC according to the analysts.

Varieties of Products
These are not all and if the analysts and trend examiners are believed then Apple is going to come up
with varieties of products this year including new handsets and software among others. They are now
undergoing rigorous tests in the Apple premises and are most likely to hit the market soon.

Industries as well as buyers are waiting eagerly for Apple to show their hands after so many rumors about
new products and especially the TV with one of the most revolutionary interface.

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